High-Dimensional Analysis of Convex Optimization-Based Massive MIMO Decoders

  • Ismail Ben Atitallah

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


A wide range of modern large-scale systems relies on recovering a signal from noisy linear measurements. In many applications, the useful signal has inherent properties, such as sparsity, low-rankness, or boundedness, and making use of these properties and structures allow a more efficient recovery. Hence, a significant amount of work has been dedicated to developing and analyzing algorithms that can take advantage of the signal structure. Especially, since the advent of Compressed Sensing (CS) there has been significant progress towards this direction. Generally speaking, the signal structure can be harnessed by solving an appropriate regularized or constrained M-estimator. In modern Multi-input Multi-output (MIMO) communication systems, all transmitted signals are drawn from finite constellations and are thus bounded. Besides, most recent modulation schemes such as Generalized Space Shift Keying (GSSK) or Generalized Spatial Modulation (GSM) yield signals that are inherently sparse. In the recovery procedure, boundedness and sparsity can be promoted by using the ℓ1 norm regularization and by imposing an ℓ∞ norm constraint respectively. In this thesis, we propose novel optimization algorithms to recover certain classes of structured signals with emphasis on MIMO communication systems. The exact analysis permits a clear characterization of how well these systems perform. Also, it allows an automatic tuning of the parameters. In each context, we define the appropriate performance metrics and we analyze them exactly in the High Dimentional Regime (HDR). The framework we use for the analysis is based on Gaussian process inequalities; in particular, on a new strong and tight version of a classical comparison inequality (due to Gordon, 1988) in the presence of additional convexity assumptions. The new framework that emerged from this inequality is coined as Convex Gaussian Min-max Theorem (CGMT).
Date of AwardApr 2017
Original languageEnglish (US)
Awarding Institution
  • Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
SupervisorTareq Al-Naffouri (Supervisor)


  • MIMO Decoders
  • RLS
  • Box relaxation
  • CGMT
  • Error analysis

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