Wavefield extrapolation in pseudodepth domain

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Wavefields are commonly computed in the Cartesian coordinate frame. Its efficiency is inherently limited due to spatial oversampling in deep layers, where the velocity is high and wavelengths are long. To alleviate this computational waste due to uneven wavelength sampling, we convert the vertical axis of the conventional domain from depth to vertical time or pseudodepth. This creates a nonorthognal Riemannian coordinate system. Isotropic and anisotropic wavefields can be extrapolated in the new coordinate frame with improved efficiency and good consistency with Cartesian domain extrapolation results. Prestack depth migrations are also evaluated based on the wavefield extrapolation in the pseudodepth domain.© 2013 Society of Exploration Geophysicists. All rights reserved.
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Acknowledgements: We thank KAUST for supporting this work. We are grateful to Mohammad Zuberi and Yunseok Choi for many helpful discussions. The outsanding reviews by Alexey Stovas, Yu Zhang, and an anonymous reviewer have greatly improved this manuscript. We acknowledge Hess Corporation and SMAART consortium for releasing their synthetic salt data sets.

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