Ultrafast transient infrared spectroscopy for probing trapping states in hybrid perovskite films

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Studying the charge dynamics of perovskite materials is a crucial step to understand the outstanding performance of these materials in various fields. Herein, we utilize transient absorption in the mid-infrared region, where solely electron signatures in the conduction bands are monitored without external contributions from other dynamical species. Within the measured range of 4000 nm to 6000 nm (2500–1666 cm−1), the recombination and the trapping processes of the excited carriers could be easily monitored. Moreover, we reveal that within this spectral region the trapping process could be distinguished from recombination process, in which the iodide-based films show more tendencies to trap the excited electrons in comparison to the bromide-based derivatives. The trapping process was assigned due to the emission released in the mid-infrared region, while the traditional band-gap recombination process did not show such process. Various parameters have been tested such as film composition, excitation dependence and the probing wavelength. This study opens new frontiers for the transient mid-infrared absorption to assign the trapping process in perovskite films both qualitatively and quantitatively, along with the potential applications of perovskite films in the mid-IR region.
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalCommunications Chemistry
Issue number1
StatePublished - May 30 2022

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