The performance of a membrane vacuum degasser

T. Leiknes, M. J. Semmens, C. Gantzer

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A study was conducted to evaluate the performance of hollow fiber membranes when used to vacuum degas water. Vacuum degassing may be used in combination with groundwater oxygenation for in-situ bio-remediation. Under conditions where oxygen enriched water is required without increasing the total gas pressure of the water, high concentrations of dissolved oxygen can be achieved by degassing a certain percentage of nitrogen and carbon dioxide prior to oxygenating the water. This technology is also useful for the removal VOC's from water. When membranes are treated with selective coatings, volatile organics can be separated from one another and from water, this is the basis of the pervaporation process. This paper examines the kinetics of degassing and the influence of operating parameters on the performance of a membrane module that is specifically designed to treat high flowrates of water. (Authors)

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 1993
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