The Original Design Principles of the Y-Series Nonfullerene Acceptors, from Y1 to Y6

Yang Yang

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Since 2019, the power conversion efficiencies of organic photovoltaics have risen sharply from ∼13% to ∼19% because of the newly invented Y-series nonfullerene acceptors (Y-NFAs; mainly Y1 to Y6). However, comprehensive insights into the design principles behind these molecules have not been fully elucidated or explained in the literature. In this Perspective, I share our original insights into the understanding, prediction, and design principles of Y1 to Y6 and offer a brief history behind the discoveries of the Y-NFAs.
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JournalACS Nano
StatePublished - Dec 2 2021
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Acknowledgements: The author (Y.Y.) is indebted to Dr. Craig Combe at the Solar Center of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). He raised critical questions about the origin of Y6 and the underlying design principles of the Y-NFAs during a presentation by Y.Y. His questions prompted us to disclose the critical thinking that inspired the rational design of the Y-NFAs (mainly Y1 to Y6) in this Perspective. We sincerely hope that sharing this knowledge will be of interest to the broad scientific community. The discovery of the Y-NFAs was only accomplished with the combined effort and expertise of the right people gathering at the right time and right location. Hence, our group successfully combined their individual expertise, and created the legacy of the Y-NFAs, which has led to a series of recent PCE breakthroughs in the OPV field. The Y-NFAs research was sponsored by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) grant FA2386-18-1-4094.
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