The complete mitochondrial genome of Acanthastrea maxima (Cnidaria, scleractinia, Lobophylliidae)

Roberto Arrigoni, Benoît Vacherie, Francesca Benzoni, Valérie Barbe

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The complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial genome of the scleractinian coral Acanthastrea maxima has been obtained, representing the first sequenced mitogenome of a member of the Lobophylliidae. The mitochondrial genome is 18,278 bp in length, the longest sequence among the robust corals sequenced mitogenome to date. The overall GC composition (33.7%) and the gene arrangement are similar to those of the other scleractinian corals, including 13 protein-coding genes, 2 rRNA genes (rnl and rns) and 2 tRNA genes (tRNAMet and tRNA-Trp). All genes except tRNA-Trp, atp8, cox1, tRNA-Met and rnl are engulfed by a large group I intron in the nad5 gene. A second group I intron of 1077 bp in length is inserted in the cox1 gene and it encodes a putative homing endonuclease. There are four regions of gene overlaps totalling 22 bp and nine intergenic spacer regions for a total of 2220bp, of which the cox3-cox2 region may correspond to the putative control region.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)927-928
Number of pages2
JournalMitochondrial DNA
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 1 2016
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