The 2021 flexible and printed electronics roadmap

Yvan Bonnassieux, Christoph J. Brabec, Yong Cao, Tricia Breen Carmichael, Michael L. Chabinyc, Kwang Ting Cheng, Gyoujin Cho, Anjung Chung, Corie L. Cobb, Andreas Distler, Hans Joachim Egelhaaf, Gerd Grau, Xiaojun Guo, Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani, Tsung Ching Huang, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, Benjamin Iniguez, Taik Min Lee, Ling Li, Yuguang MaDongge Ma, Michael C. McAlpine, Tse Nga Ng, Ronald Österbacka, Shrayesh N. Patel, Junbiao Peng, Huisheng Peng, Jonathan Rivnay, Leilai Shao, Daniel Steingart, Robert A. Street, Vivek Subramanian, Luisa Torsi, Yunyun Wu

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This roadmap includes the perspectives and visions of leading researchers in the key areas of flexible and printable electronics. The covered topics are broadly organized by the device technologies (sections 1–9), fabrication techniques (sections 10–12), and design and modeling approaches (sections 13 and 14) essential to the future development of new applications leveraging flexible electronics (FE). The interdisciplinary nature of this field involves everything from fundamental scientific discoveries to engineering challenges; from design and synthesis of new materials via novel device design to modelling and digital manufacturing of integrated systems. As such, this roadmap aims to serve as a resource on the current status and future challenges in the areas covered by the roadmap and to highlight the breadth and wide-ranging opportunities made available by FE technologies.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)023001
JournalFlexible and Printed Electronics
Issue number2
StatePublished - May 17 2021

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KAUST Repository Item: Exported on 2021-06-28
Acknowledgements: This material is based, in part, on research sponsored by Air Force Research Laboratory under agreement number FA8650-15-2-5401, as conducted through the flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing innovation institute, NextFlex. The study was also partially supported by a General Research Fund (GRF) grant from Research Grants Council (RGC), Hong Kong (HKUST 16203319).


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