Room temperature strong coupling effects from single ZnO nanowire microcavity

Ayan Das, Junseok Heo, Adrian Bayraktaroglu, Wei Guo, Tien Khee Ng, Jamie Phillips, Boon S. Ooi, Pallab Bhattacharya

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Strong coupling effects in a dielectric microcavity with a single ZnO nanowire embedded in it have been investigated at room temperature. A large Rabi splitting of ?100 meV is obtained from the polariton dispersion and a non-linearity in the polariton emission characteristics is observed at room temperature with a low threshold of 1.63 ?J/cm2, which corresponds to a polariton density an order of magnitude smaller than that for the Mott transition. The momentum distribution of the lower polaritons shows evidence of dynamic condensation and the absence of a relaxation bottleneck. The polariton relaxation dynamics were investigated by timeresolved measurements, which showed a progressive decrease in the polariton relaxation time with increase in polariton density. © 2012 Optical Society of America.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)11830
JournalOptics Express
Issue number11
StatePublished - May 10 2012

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