Relations between Fault and Fracture Network Affecting the Lastoni di Formin Carbonate Platform (Italian Dolomites) and Its Deformation History

Niccolò Menegoni, Riccardo Inama, Yuri Panara, Matteo Crozi, Cesare Perotti

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In this study, we analyze the fault and fracture network of the Middle Triassic carbonate platform of the Lastoni di Formin (Italian Dolomites, Italy). The reconstruction of the deformation history is of primary importance for a full comprehension of the present structural setting of this carbonate platform. The huge dimensions of the carbonate body and superb exposure of its vertical cliffs and gently dipping top plateau make the Lastoni di Formin platform an ideal outcrop to integrate traditional fieldwork with Digital Outcrop Modelling analysis. The results of the structural studies partially confirm that the present-day fracture pattern is the result of differential compaction-induced deformation that generated WNW-ESE-trending extensional fractures and normal faults, perpendicular to the direction of progradation of the platform. Successively, extensional tectonics, likely related to the Jurassic rifting phase, led to the formation of NNW-SSE striking fractures and westward-dipping normal faults. A Neogene compressional tectonic event, characterized by N-S to NW-SE crustal shortening, deformed the platform, essentially with strike-slip structures.
Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 8 2022

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Acknowledgements: This research received no external funding. We would like to thank Silvia Passoni and Manuele Bettoni for their help during the data acquisition and Luca Pizzimenti for their precious advice on the use of the LiDAR data. Francesco Zucca and Silvia Mittempergher are acknowledged for their useful comments and suggestions. Many thanks are given to ENI Spa for the support provided in this study. We would also like to thank Juliet Aber for the non-technical review of the English language.

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