Recent Progress in the Synthesis of MoS2 Thin Films for Sensing, Photovoltaic and Plasmonic Applications: A Review

Driss Mouloua, Ahmed Kotbi, Geetanjali Deokar, Khaled Kaja, Mimoun El Marssi, My Ali El Khakani, Mustapha Jouiad

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In the surge of recent successes of 2D materials following the rise of graphene, molybdenum disulfide (2D-MoS2) has been attracting growing attention from both fundamental and applications viewpoints, owing to the combination of its unique nanoscale properties. For instance, the bandgap of 2D-MoS2, which changes from direct (in the bulk form) to indirect for ultrathin films (few layers), offers new prospects for various applications in optoelectronics. In this review, we present the latest scientific advances in the field of synthesis and characterization of 2D-MoS2 films while highlighting some of their applications in energy harvesting, gas sensing, and plasmonic devices. A survey of the physical and chemical processing routes of 2D-MoS2 is presented first, followed by a detailed description and listing of the most relevant characterization techniques used to study the MoS2 nanomaterial as well as theoretical simulations of its interesting optical properties. Finally, the challenges related to the synthesis of high quality and fairly controllable MoS2 thin films are discussed along with their integration into novel functional devices.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3283
Issue number12
StatePublished - Jun 14 2021

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Acknowledgements: This work was done in the context of a scientific collaboration between INRS and UPJV. D.M. is grateful to both the Region HDF (France) and INRS (QC, Canada) for his PhD fellowship. The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support from the Natural Sciences
and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada.

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