Predictive current control based pseudo six-phase induction motor drive

Abdelrahman Habib, Abdullah Shawier, M. Mamdouh, Ayman Samy Abdel-Khalik, Mostafa S. Hamad, Shehab Ahmed

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Asymmetrical six-phase induction machines are widely used in high-power safety-critical applications. The so-called pseudo six-phase winding layout has recently been proposed as a promising contender for high power medium voltage applications in terms of torque density, phase current quality, simple single-layer-based stator winding design, and fault-tolerant capability. This winding layout employs quadruple three-phase stator winding sets connected to provide only six terminals, while being fed from two three-phase inverters. Therefore, the same conventional six-phase-based control structure can still be employed. Among the different control techniques, model predictive current control is considered as one of the cutting-edge technologies for multiphase drive systems, thanks to its simplicity and flexibility in defining new control objectives. This paper investigates how the available 64 voltage vectors of a six-phase inverter are classified among different subspaces when employing a pseudo six-phase stator winding. Moreover, the required modifications to classical predictive current control (PCC) are introduced in order to properly control the machine in a manner similar to conventional asymmetrical six-phase machines while ensuring minimum circulating xy current components. The concept of virtual voltage vectors (VVVs) has also been employed to further enhance the stator current quality. The proposed controller is validated using a 2Hp prototype pseudo six-phase machine under different operating conditions. An experimental comparative study with an asymmetrical six-phase machines is also carried out to verify the claimed equivalence.
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalAlexandria Engineering Journal
StatePublished - Sep 23 2021

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Acknowledgements: This work was achieved by the financial support of ITIDAs ITAC collaborative funded project under the category type of advanced research projects (ARP) and grant number ARP2020.R29.7.

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