P3HT:PCBM polymer solar cells from a didactic perspective

Shahidul Alam, Aman Anand, Md Moidul Islam, Rico Meitzner, Aurelien Sokeng Djoumessi, Josef Slowik, Zekarias Teklu, Peter Fischer, Christian Kästner, Jafar Iqbal Khan, Ulrich S. Schubert, Frédéric Laquai, Harald Hoppe

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Here, we studied the influence of pre- and post-thermal annealing on the performance of polymer:fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells using the conventional architecture, comprising a conjugated polymer, namely, poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) (P3HT) and a fullerene derivative [6,6]-phenyl-C60-butyric acid methyl ester (PC60BM) as a photoactive layer. The non-annealed active layer device exhibited a power conversion efficiency of
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of Photonics for Energy
Issue number03
StatePublished - Aug 23 2022

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics


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