Multilevel Balancing Domain Decomposition by Constraints Deluxe Algorithms with Adaptive Coarse Spaces for Flow in Porous Media

Stefano Zampini, Xuemin Tu

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Multilevel balancing domain decomposition by constraints (BDDC) deluxe algorithms are developed for the saddle point problems arising from mixed formulations of Darcy flow in porous media. In addition to the standard no-net-flux constraints on each face, adaptive primal constraints obtained from the solutions of local generalized eigenvalue problems are included to control the condition number. Special deluxe scaling and local generalized eigenvalue problems are designed in order to make sure that these additional primal variables lie in a benign subspace in which the preconditioned operator is positive definite. The current multilevel theory for BDDC methods for porous media flow is complemented with an efficient algorithm for the computation of the so-called malign part of the solution, which is needed to make sure the rest of the solution can be obtained using the conjugate gradient iterates lying in the benign subspace. We also propose a new technique, based on the Sherman--Morrison formula, that lets us preserve the complexity of the subdomain local solvers. Condition number estimates are provided under certain standard assumptions. Extensive numerical experiments confirm the theoretical estimates; additional numerical results prove the effectiveness of the method with higher order elements and high-contrast problems from real-world applications.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)A1389-A1415
Number of pages1
JournalSIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
Issue number4
StatePublished - Aug 3 2017

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Acknowledgements: The authors would like to thank the two anonymous referees for their comments and suggestions that helped improve the quality of the manuscript. For computer time, this research used the resources of the Supercomputing Laboratory at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.


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