Hydrogen-Induced Buckling of Pd Films Deposited on Various Substrates

Marián Vlček, František Lukáč, Martin Vlach, Ivan Procházka, Stefan Wagner, Helmut Uchida, Astrid Pundt, Ryota Gemma, Jakub Čížek

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    A Pd-H system is a model system suitable for studying interactions of hydrogen with metals. In the present work, we studied hydrogen-induced buckling of thin Pd films deposited on various substrates with different bonding strengths (sapphire, glimmer) and also the effect of deposition temperature. Lattice expansion and phase transitions were investigated by X-ray diffraction of synchrotron radiation. The influence of the substrate and microstructure of the film on the buckling process and phase transformation to palladium hydride are discussed.
    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Title of host publicationDefect and Diffusion Forum
    PublisherTrans Tech Publications
    Number of pages8
    ISBN (Print)9783038355168
    StatePublished - Jul 2015

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