High electron mobility and large magnetoresistance in the half-Heusler semimetal LuPtBi

Zhipeng Hou, Wenhong Wang, Guizhou Xu, Xiaoming Zhang, Zhiyang Wei, Shipeng Shen, Enke Liu, Yuan Yao, Yisheng Chai, Young Sun, Xuekui Xi, Wenquan Wang, Zhongyuan Liu, Guangheng Wu, Xixiang Zhang

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Materials with high carrier mobility showing large magnetoresistance (MR) have recently received much attention because of potential applications in future high-performance magnetoelectric devices. Here, we report on an electron-hole-compensated half-Heusler semimetal LuPtBi that exhibits an extremely high electron mobility of up to 79000cm2/Vs with a nonsaturating positive MR as large as 3200% at 2 K. Remarkably, the mobility at 300 K is found to exceed 10500cm2/Vs, which is among the highest values reported in three-dimensional bulk materials thus far. The clean Shubnikov–de Haas quantum oscillation observed at low temperatures and the first-principles calculations together indicate that the high electron mobility is due to a rather small effective carrier mass caused by the distinctive band structure of the crystal. Our findings provide a different approach for finding large, high-mobility MR materials by designing an appropriate Fermi surface topology starting from simple electron-hole-compensated semimetals.
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalPhysical Review B
Issue number23
StatePublished - Dec 18 2015


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