Fluorination Triggered New Small Molecule Donor Materials for Efficient As-Cast Organic Solar Cells

Yuting Yang, Kai Wang, Gongqiang Li*, Xueqin Ran, Xin Song, Nicola Gasparini, Qian Qian Zhang, Xue Lai, Xiao Guo, Fei Meng, Mengzhen Du, Wei Huang, Derya Baran

*Corresponding author for this work

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Solution-processable small molecules (SMs) have attracted intense attention due to their definite molecular structures, less batch-to-batch variation, and easier structure control. Herein, two new SM donors based on substituted isatin unit (DI3T, DI3T-2F) are synthesized and applied as electron donors with the mixture of PC71BM to construct organic photovoltaics. As a result, 5,6-difluoro isatin derivative (DI3T-2F) obtains a power conversion efficiency of 7.80% by a simple solution spin-coating fabrication process without any additives, solvent, or thermal annealing process. More intuitively, due to stronger intermolecular interaction and higher hole mobility after the incorporation of fluorine atoms in end units, the devices present good tolerance to active layer thickness. The results indicate that DI3T-2F shows promising potential for large-scale printing processes and flexible application of efficient small molecule organic solar cells.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number1801542
Issue number34
StatePublished - Aug 23 2018

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  • as-cast devices
  • fluorination
  • isatin (1H-indole-2,3-dione)
  • organic solar cells
  • small molecule donors

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