Effect of process parameters over carbon-based ZIF-62 nano-rooted membrane for environmental pollutants separation

Muhammad Mubashir, Rahman Ashena, Awais Bokhari, Ahmad Mukhtar, Sidra Saqib, Abulhassan Ali, R. Saidur, Kuan Shiong Khoo, Hui Suan Ng, Fatemeh Karimi, Ceren Karaman, Pau Loke Show

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The paper evaluates the routes towards the evaluation of membranes using ZIF-62 metal organic framework (MOF) nano-hybrid dots for environmental remediation. Optimization of interaction of operating parameters over the rooted membrane is challenging issue. Subsequently, the interaction of operating parameters including temperature, pressure and CO2 gas concentration over the resultant rooted membranes are evaluated and optimized using response surface methodology for environmental remediation. In addition, the stability and effect of hydrocarbons on the performance of the resulting membrane during the gas mixture separation are evaluated at optimum conditions to meet the industrial requirements. The characterization results verified the fabrication of the ZIF-62 MOF rooted composite membrane. The permeation results demonstrated that the CO2 permeability and CO2/CH4 selectivity of the composite membrane was increased from 15.8 to 84.8 Barrer and 12.2 to 35.3 upon integration of ZIF-62 nano-glass into cellulose acetate (CA) polymer. Subsequently, the optimum conditions have been found at a temperature of 30 °C, the pressure of 12.6 bar and CO2 feed concentration of 53.3 vol%. These optimum conditions revealed the highest CO2 permeability, CH4 permeability and CO2/CH4 separation factor of 47.9 Barrer, 0.2 Barrer and 26.8. The presence of hydrocarbons in gas mixture dropped the CO2 permeability of 56.5% and separation factor of 46.4% during 206 h of testing. The separation performance of the composite membrane remained stable without the presence of hydrocarbons for 206 h.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Mar 1 2022
Externally publishedYes

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