Cylindrical-shaped nanotube field effect transistor

Muhammad Mustafa Hussain (Inventor), Hossain M. Fahad (Inventor), Casey Smith (Inventor), Jhonathan Prieto Rojas (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A cylindrical-shaped nanotube FET may be manufactured on silicon (Si) substrates as a ring etched into a gate stack and filled with semiconductor material. An inner gate electrode couples to a region of the gate stack inside the inner circumference of the ring. An outer gate electrode couples to a region of the gate stack outside the outer circumference of the ring. The multi-gate cylindrical-shaped nanotube FET operates in volume inversion for ring widths below 15 nanometers. The cylindrical-shaped nanotube FET demonstrates better short channel effect (SCE) mitigation and higher performance (I.sub.on/ than conventional transistor devices. The cylindrical-shaped nanotube FET may also be manufactured with higher yields and cheaper costs than conventional transistors.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Patent numberUS 9224813 B2
StatePublished - Dec 29 2015

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