Consensus statement: Standardized reporting of power-producing luminescent solar concentrator performance

Chenchen Yang, Harry A. Atwater, Marc A. Baldo, Derya Baran, Christopher J. Barile, Miles C. Barr, Matthew Bates, Moungi G. Bawendi, Matthew R. Bergren, Babak Borhan, Christoph J. Brabec, Sergio Brovelli, Vladimi Bulovic, Paola Ceroni, Michael G. Debije, Jose-Maria Delgado-Sanchez, Wen-Ji Dong, Phillip M. Duxbury, Rachel C. Evans, Stephen R. ForrestDaniel R. Gamelin, Noel C. Giebink, Xiao Gong, Gianmarco Griffini, Fei Guo, Christopher K. Herrera, Anita W. Y. Ho-Baillie, Russell J. Holmes, Sung-Kyu Hong, Thomas Kirchartz, Benjamin G. Levine, Hongbo Li, Yilin Li, Dianyi Liu, Maria A. Loi, Christine K. Luscombe, Nikolay S. Makarov, Fahad Mateen, Raffaello Mazzaro, Hunter McDaniel, Michael D. McGehee, Francesco Meinardi, Amador Menendez-Velazquez, Jie Min, David B. Mitzi, Mehdi Moemeni, Jun Hyuk Moon, Andrew Nattestad, Mohammad K. Nazeeruddin, Ana F. Nogueira, Ulrich W. Paetzold, David L. Patrick, Andrea Pucci, Barry P. Rand, Elsa Reichmanis, Bryce S. Richards, Jean Roncali, Federico Rosei, Timothy W. Schmidt, Franky So, Chang-Ching Tu, Aria Vahdani, Wilfried G. J. H. M. van Sark, Rafael Verduzco, Alberto Vomiero, Wallace W. H. Wong, Kaifeng Wu, Hin-Lap Yip, Xiaowei Zhang, Haiguang Zhao, Richard R. Lunt

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Fair and meaningful device performance comparison among luminescent solar concentrator-photovoltaic (LSC-PV) reports cannot be realized without a general consensus on reporting standards in LSC-PV research. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt standardized characterization protocols for these emerging types of PV devices that are consistent with other PV devices. This commentary highlights several common limitations in LSC literature and summarizes the best practices moving forward to harmonize with standard PV reporting, considering the greater nuances present with LSC-PV. Based on these practices, a checklist of actionable items is provided to help standardize the characterization/reporting protocols and offer a set of baseline expectations for authors, reviewers, and editors. The general consensus combined with the checklist will ultimately guide LSC-PV research towards reliable and meaningful advances.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)8-15
Number of pages8
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2022

Bibliographical note

KAUST Repository Item: Exported on 2022-02-07
Acknowledgements: C.Y. and R.R.L. acknowledge financial support under National Science Foundation grant CBET-1702591. D.R.G. thanks the National Science Foundation (DMR-1719797) for support. A.H.-B. is supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship FT210100210. F.R. is grateful to the Canada Research Chairs program for partial salary support. A. Vomiero acknowledges financial support from the Kempe Foundation and the Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation.


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