Boron-containing catalysts for dry reforming of methane to synthesis gas

Kazuhiro Takanabe (Inventor), Jean-Marie Basset (Inventor), Jung-Hyun Park (Inventor), Akshaya Kumar Samal (Inventor), Bedour Al-Sabban (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The present invention uses a cobalt catalyst for carbon dioxide reforming of lower alkanes to synthesis gas having a cobalt catalyst on an oxide support where the supported cobalt catalyst has been modified with a boron precursor. The boron-treated cobalt catalyst systems as described herein show significant increases in the conversion of CH4 and CO2 during the dry reforming of methane (DRM) reaction as compared to traditional catalysts. Described herein are supported catalysts and methods of using the catalysts for the dry reforming of methane to synthesis gas, with the supported catalysts in the present invention include a boron-treated cobalt catalyst disposed on an oxide support. Also described herein are processes for preparing the supported catalysts.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Patent numberWO 2018002802 A1
StatePublished - Jan 4 2018

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