Aza-ortho-Quinone Methides as Reactive Intermediates: Generation and Utility in Contemporary Asymmetric Synthesis

Hsuan-Hung Liao, Shinje Miñoza, Shao-Chi Lee, Magnus Rueping

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The aza- ortho -quinone methide (aza- o -QM) chemistry has overwhelmingly progressed in the past few decades. This review aims to integrate various transition metal-catalyzed and organocatalytic strategies in taming aza -o- QM intermediates, including its the aza- para -quinone methide (aza- p -QM), aza- ortho -vinylidene quinone methide (aza- o -VQM), aza- ortho -alkynyl quinone methide (aza- o -AQM), and indole-based aza- o -QM analogs. These transient species are often utilized for the direct and enantioselective synthesis of complex (hetero)polycyclic or fused-ring molecular scaffolds such as tetrahydroquinoline and indoline, among others, which are abundant in many natural products, bioactive compounds, and pharmaceuticals.
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalChemistry – A European Journal
StatePublished - Jun 2 2022

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Acknowledgements: Dr. Hsuan-HungLiao expresses his gratitude to the Young Scholar Fellowship Program of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST110-2636-M-110-003) and Yushan Young Scholar Program of Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan for their financial support. Shinje Miñoza also thanks National Sun Yat-sen University(NSYSU) Scholarship. The authors are thankful for Heng-Bo Lin (NSYSU), Joshua Andrew P. Nillama (Mindanao State University –Iligan Institute of Technology), and Ivy L. Librando (University of Lisbon) for proofreading this review.

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