Atomic-Monolayer MoS2 Band-to-Band Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor

Yann Wen Lan, Carlos M. Torres, Shin Hung Tsai, Xiaodan Zhu, Yumeng Shi, Ming-yang Li, Lain-Jong Li, Wen Kuan Yeh, Kang L. Wang

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The experimental observation of band-to-band tunneling in novel tunneling field-effect transistors utilizing a monolayer of MoS2 as the conducting channel is demonstrated. Our results indicate that the strong gate-coupling efficiency enabled by two-dimensional materials, such as monolayer MoS2, results in the direct manifestation of a band-to-band tunneling current and an ambipolar transport.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)5676-5683
Number of pages8
Issue number41
StatePublished - Sep 4 2016

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Acknowledgements: Y.-W.L. and C.M.T. contributed equally to this work. This work was in part supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Award No. NSF-EFRI-1433541. C.M.T.Jr. thanks the Department of Defense SMART (Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation) Scholarship for graduate scholarship funding. This research was funded in part by the National Science Council of Taiwan under Contract No. NSC 103-2917-I-564-017. The authors would like to acknowledge the collaboration of this research with King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) via The Center of Excellence for Green Nanotechnologies (CEGN). K.L.W., Y.-W.L., and C.M.T.Jr. conceived the idea and designed the experiments; Y.-W.L. and C.M.T.Jr. performed the electrical measurements; L.-J.L., M.Y.L., and Y.S. synthesized and contributed the materials; C.M.T.Jr. fabricated the devices; Y.-W.L., X. Z., W.-K.Y. and S.-H.T. analyzed the data. All of the authors discussed the results and wrote the paper together.


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