Artifactual pyrosequencing reads in multiple-displacement-amplified sediment metagenomes from the Red Sea

Yong Wang, On On Lee, Jiang Ke Yang, Tie Gang Li, Pei Yuan Qian

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The Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) protocol is reported to introduce different artifacts into DNA samples with impurities. In this study, we report an artifactual effect ofMDA with sediment DNA samples froma deep-sea brine basin in the Red Sea. In the metagenomes, we showed the presence of abundant artifactual 454 pyrosequencing reads over sizes of 50 to 220bp. Gene fragments translocated from neighboring gene regions were identified in these reads. Occasionally, the translocation occurred between the gene fragments from different species. Reads containing these gene fragments could form a strong stem-loop structure. More than 60% of the artifactual reads could fit the structural models. MDA amplification is probably responsible for the massive generation of the artifactual reads with the secondary structure in the metagenomes. Possible sources of the translocations and structures are discussed. © 2013 Wang et al.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)e69
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2013
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Acknowledgements: China 973 Program: No. 2012CB417304.
Award from Deepsea Institute of Chinese Academy of Science.
Award from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: SA-C0040/UKC0016.
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