A Novel GEMIN4 Variant in a Consanguineous Family Leads to Neurodevelopmental Impairment with Severe Microcephaly, Spastic Quadriplegia, Epilepsy, and Cataracts

Hesham Aldhalaan, Albandary AlBakheet, Sarah Alruways, Nouf Almutairi, Maha Alnakiyah, Reema Alghofaili, Kelly J. Cardona-Londoño, Khalid Omar Alahmadi, Hanan Alqudairy, Maha M. Alrasheed, Dilek Colak, Stefan T. Arold, Namik Kaya

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Pathogenic variants in GEMIN4 contribute to a hereditary disorder characterized by neu-rodevelopmental features, microcephaly, cataracts, and renal abnormalities (known as NEDMCR). To date, only two homoallelic variations have been linked to the disease. Moreover, clinical features associated with the variants have not been fully elucidated yet. Here, we identified a novel variant in GEMIN4 (NM_015721:exon2:c.440A>G:p.His147Arg) in two siblings from a consanguineous Saudi family by using whole exome sequencing followed by Sanger sequence verification. We comprehen-sively investigated the patients’ clinical features, including brain imaging and electroencephalogram findings, and compared their phenotypic characteristics with those of previously reported cases. In silico prediction and structural modeling support that the p.His147Arg variant is pathogenic.
Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 30 2021

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