System for Atomic Layer Deposition ALD FlexAI

  • Gheorghe Iordache (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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Atomic Layer Deposition - ALD - is a thin film deposition method to fabricate ultrathin, highly uniform and conformal material layers for several applications. ALD uses sequential, self-limiting and surface controlled gas phase chemical reactions to achieve control of film growth in the nanometer/sub-nanometer thickness regime. Due to the film formation mechanism in which the gas will not react until it reaches the surface, the film growth proceeds by consecutive atomic layers from the surface. ALD film is dense, crack-, defect- and pinhole-free, and its thickness and structural and chemical characteristics can be precisely controlled on the atomic scale.
Model: FlexAI


NameSystem for Atomic Layer Deposition ALD FlexAI
Acquisition date04/1/10
ManufacturersOxford Instruments Group Plc


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