Singulus ROTARIS Sputter

  • Gheorghe Iordache (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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Eight-inch fully automatic platform of nano-coating technologies for magnetic storage and semiconductor wafer production. This sputter includes auto transport module, Combi-Process-Module for oxidation of ultra-thin metal layer and wafer preclean, Small-Thermal-Process-Module for 8-inch single wafer annealing up to 600 degree in high vacuum, and Rotating-Substrate-Module for thin film deposition on 8-inch wafer with high base vacuum and in-situ aligning magnetic field.  It is capable of depositing ultra-thin metallic and insulation layers down to 1 nm with very precise thickness control, including Ta; Cu; Co70Fe30;Ru; Ni; Co60Fe20B20; MgO; SiO2; Ir80Mn20; Ni81Fe19; Co; and Ni. The lab provides a number of frequently used materials.


NameSingulus ROTARIS Sputter


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