Scanning Electron Microscope - Helios G4 UX

  • Kun Li (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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​The Helios G4 is a SEM with FIB capabilities. FIB is used to modify or machine materials at the micro and nanoscale; and to deposit material such as platinum, carbon, gold, etc. via ion beam induced deposition.
The FIB is also commonly used to prepare very thin samples (typically ~100 nanometers) for the transmission electron microscope.

The Helios G4 is equipped with a cryo stage that allows examination of specimens at very low temperature ( -180 deg.C).​​​
Model: Helios G4 UX


NameScanning Electron Microscope - Helios G4 UX
ManufacturersFEI Company


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