NMR spectrometer 400M SB Liquid

  • Kun Li (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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dedicated to routine solution-state NMR applications. It is equipped with a BACS-60 sample changer and a default 5 mm Z-gradient 2-channel Broad Band BBFO probehead BB(F)-H-D for observation of nuclei in the range 15N to 31P plus 19F with 1H decouling/observe capable of a variable temperature range of -800 to +1300 deg.C. It also features a 5 mm inverse triple resonance TBI 1H/13C/BB(109Ag to 31P) with variable temperature range of -1500 to +1500 deg.C. It is capable of performing routine automation with a 60-sample changer and of acquiring spectra on low frequency nuclei with a TBI probe.
Model: Avance III 400 MHz


NameNMR spectrometer 400M SB Liquid
ManufacturersBruker Corporation
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