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  • Jysoo Lee (Manager)

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    Saudi Arabia

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World-class supercomputing expertise for computationally-based science and engineering projects.
The Supercomputing Core Lab supports KAUST faculty, students and collaborators in their advanced use of high performance computing hardware and software. This facility boasts Middle East’s top performing supercomputer, Shaheen, a Cray XC40 supercomputer. The lab focuses on the application of high performance computing solutions using cutting-edge systems and methodologies, offering world-class HPC and data resources in a fashion that stimulates research and development.
The Supercomputing Core Lab resources are accessed remotely so users are able to use the machine independently. The main resource of the laboratory is, however, its staff. They closely support all users of the facility from their initial training to their advance use of all capabilities of the Shaheen supercomputer. Ticket-based support, software installation and porting, profiling and performance analysis, debugging, tuning and optimization, code parallelization, and on-demand and scheduled training are some of the services our expert staff can offer.​


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