Laboratory - Nanofabrication

  • Gheorghe Iordache (Manager)

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    Saudi Arabia

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Class-100 and Class-1000 cleanroom space for the fabrication of micro and nano-scale devices​.
The Nanofabrication Core Lab supports research requiring an environment with a low density of airborne particles and strictly controlled temperature and humidity. The Nanofabrication Core Lab has a 2000 square meter class 1000 (ISO 6) cleanroom, with class 100 (ISO 5) areas as well. It is fully equipped with a comprehensive range of tools at the forefront of micro and nanotechnology, providing versatility and support for nanofabrication. The Nanofabrication Core Lab also includes facilities for thin films deposition and microfluidics fabrication.
The Nanofabrication Core Lab supports research in microelectronics, electronic materials, nanotechnology, MEMS, biomedical and optical devices. Our staff provides professional suggestions and ideas to lab users on their projects, including planning, design, and integration for fabricating devices.


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