Cell sorter system - BD Influx

  • Ming Sin Cheung (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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The flexible BD Influx™ cell sorter is a modular, hands-on control system which supports nine lasers, has exchangeable detector options, is high throughput, and allows 2-way, 3-way, 4-way and 6-way cell sorting making the system highly configurable to the precise needs of advanced research.

Features: unique acoustical coupling in the nozzle assembly to reliably create droplets, aseptic sorting, two-, four-, and six-way sorting, as well as plate sorting, biological safety cabinet (BSC) designed specifically for the BD Influx™ cell sorter

Applications: bioprocessing, cell cycle sorting, florescent proteins, cell proliferation, cell signaling, immunoassays, stem cell sorting, T-regulatory cell sorting. Sorting can be performed in various tube or plate sizes including 5ml, 15ml, 1.5ml tubes and 6 well through to 384 well plate format.

Model: BD Influx


NameCell sorter system - BD Influx
Acquisition date03/1/12
ManufacturersBD Biosciences


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