• Matteo Ravasi (Creator)
  • Nick Luiken (Creator)
  • Tamin Selvan (Creator)



VolveSynthetic -------------- This folder contains the dataset associated to the following [repository](https://github.com/DIG-Kaust/VolveSynthetic). It is organized as follows: * **Original**: directory where to place original field dataset from the Volve village - commands to download the dataset are provided in the following [notebook](https://github.com/DIG-Kaust/VolveSynthetic/blob/main/Inversion/MainInversion.ipynb). * **Velocity**: directory containing the velocity models and acquisition geometry extracted from the field data. * **Modelling**: directory containing modelled synthetic datasets. * **Processing**: directory containing processed synthetic datasets. * **Imaging**: directory containing seismic images created by performing RTM on the modeled and processed data. For more details on how these files have been generated and how to use them, please refer to the README file in the repository.
Date made availableMay 23 2022

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