UV and bacteriophages treatment: chemicals-free approach to reduce fouling in anaerobic membrane bioreactors

  • Giantommaso Scarascia (Creator)
  • Luca Fortunato (Creator)
  • Yevhen Myshkevych (Creator)
  • Hong Cheng (Creator)
  • TorOve Leiknes (Creator)
  • Peiying Hong (Creator)



In this study the effect of a cocktail of 3 isolated Acinetobacter spp. bacteriophages in combination with UV exposure was analyzed for their ability to reduce anaerobic membrane biofouling in terms of biofilm dispersion and morphology alteration. This effect was compared with single applications of the two treatments at different membrane biofouling rate to investigate the influence of UV irradiation on the bacteriophages infection. The mixed treatment was then further compared with the common membrane cleaning technique, based on a mix of chemicals, to examine its effective applicability to reduce AnMBR biofouling.
Date made availableFeb 17 2021

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