Scaled, unmerged X-ray diffraction data from SF2 Nef-Fyn SH3 R96I crystals

  • Stefan Arold (Creator)
  • Abdullah Aldehaiman (Creator)
  • Umar F. Shahul Hameed (Creator)
  • Umar F. Shahul Hameed (Creator)



    Crystals of the SF2 Nef:FynR96I SH3 complex were obtained by sitting drop vapour diffusion (details to be published). All data for SF2 Nef:FynR96I SH3 were collected at 100K at the beamline Proxima 2A at the SOLEIL Synchrotron (France), EIGER 9M detector, respectively (proposal numbers 2016 0098, 20161236, 20170193). Data from three crystals were processed, scaled and combined using XDS as implemented in the XDSme pipeline. The resulting scaled but unmerged and not anisotropically cut data are deposited here.
    Date made availableSep 27 2020
    PublisherKAUST Research Repository

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