Qademah Fault Artificial Ambient Noise Test

  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)
  • Abdullah AlTheyab (Creator)
  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)
  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)



This data set was collected on 7 Dec. 2014 by Sherif and Abdullah. The receiver layout is the same as that of the passive data test at the same location, which is described as follow:

288 receivers are used and arranged as follow

- 12 lines, cross-line offset = 10 m

- 24 receiver in each line, inline offset = 5 m

- Additional 24 receivers are placed at line # 6, where the receiver interval is decreased to 2.5 m.

Data Recording:

We start recording at 10:10 am and stop recording at 11:25 am.

Each record has total of 20 s, with time interval of 0.004 ms and around 2 s overlap between each two successive files.


We used a piece of wood attached to a pick-up truck to create the noise; we drove around the array of receivers in a rectangle-shape route during the recording time.
Date made available2014
PublisherKAUST Research Repository

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