Qademah Fault 3D Survey

  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)
  • Kai Lu (Creator)
  • Mrinal Kanti Hota (Creator)
  • Bowen Guo (Creator)
  • Ahmad Tarhini (Creator)
  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)




Collect 3D seismic data at Qademah Fault location to
1. 3D traveltime tomography
2. 3D surface wave migration
3. 3D phase velocity
4. Possible reflection processing

Acquisition Date: 26 – 28 September 2014

Acquisition Team: Sherif, Kai, Mrinal, Bowen, Ahmed

Acquisition Layout: We used 288 receiver arranged in 12 parallel lines, each line has 24 receiver. Inline offset is 5 m and crossline offset is 10 m. One shot is fired at each receiver location. We use the 40 kgm weight drop as seismic source, with 8 to 15 stacks at each shot location.
Date made available2014
PublisherKAUST Research Repository

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