Particulate scattering and backscattering in relation to the nature of particles in the Red Sea

  • Malika Kheireddine (Creator)
  • Mustapha Ouhssain (Creator)
  • Malika Kheireddine (Creator)
  • Mustapha Ouhssain (Creator)



    Dataset of particulate scattering and backscattering coefficients, chlorophyll a, temperature, salinity and density from surface to 200 m depth for different stations in the Red Sea during different cruises.
    Particulate scattering and backscattering coefficient were obtained using a wetlabs ac-s sensor and a wetlabs BB9 sensor respectively.
    Temperature, salinity and density were obtained using a seabird CTD sensor.
    Chlorophyll a concentration was obtained by HPLC.
    Date made availableJul 17 2020
    PublisherKAUST Research Repository

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