How does thermal pressurization of pore fluids affect 3D strike-slip earthquake dynamics and ground motions?

  • Jagdish Chandra Vyas (Creator)
  • Martin Mai (Creator)
  • Alice-Agnes Gabriel (Creator)
  • Thomas Ulrich (Creator)
  • Jean-Paul Ampuero (Creator)



BSSA-TP-31Mar2023-zenodo.tar.gz has all the input files required to simulate forty-nine dynamic rupture models. Note that "SeisSol_release_generatedKernels_dhsw_hybrid_none_9_5" and "TP-3D-final_withXML" are SeisSol executable (compiled on Shaheen II at KAUST) and mesh files respectively. Every simulation folder should have empty "logs" and "output" folders where simulation outputs will be stored.
Date made availableMar 31 2023

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