Geochemical and genomic data from the NEOM Brine Pool (Gulf of Aqaba)

  • Sam J. Purkis (Creator)
  • Hannah Shernisky (Creator)
  • Peter K. Swart (Creator)
  • Arash Sharifi (Creator)
  • Amanda Oehlert (Creator)
  • Fabio Marchese (Creator)
  • Francesca Benzoni (Creator)
  • Giovanni Chimienti (Creator)
  • Gaëlle Duchâtellier (Creator)
  • James Klaus (Creator)
  • Gregor P. Eberli (Creator)
  • Larry Peterson (Creator)
  • Andrew Craig (Creator)
  • Mattie Rodrigue (Creator)
  • Jürgen Titschack (Creator)
  • Graham Kolodziej (Creator)
  • Ameer Abdulla (Creator)



This workbook contains the raw data acquired from the sampling of cores and water collected at 1,800 m depth in the NEOM Brine Pool, Gulf of Aqaba. The file captures the geochronology of the long core (S1-S2), X-ray fluorescence scanning (S3), X-ray diffraction (S4), geochemical analyses of the core sediments and overlying bine, plus associated uncertainties, and measurement precision (S5), and genomics (S6).
Date made availableMay 22 2022

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