Dataset for: Terahertz Emission Mediated for Ultrafast Time-Varying Metasurfaces

  • Andrea Fratalocchi (Creator)
  • J. Tunesi (Creator)
  • L. Peters (Creator)
  • J. S.Totero Gongora (Creator)
  • L. Olivieri (Creator)
  • A. Pasquazi (Creator)
  • M. Peccianti (Creator)



Data for paper 'Terahertz Emission Mediated for Ultrafast Time-Varying Metasurfaces', appearing in Physical Review Research (2021).Systems with ultrafast time-varying dielectric properties represent an emerging novel physical framework. We demonstrate here the first observation of sub-cycle dynamics interacting directly with an electromagnetic source comprised of morphologically constrained photoexcited carriers in a surface nanostructure. A transition to a metallic metasurface state occurs on time scales faster than the Terahertz-field period, inducing large nonlinear ultrafast phase shifts in the Terahertz emission and exposing a novel and previously unexplored physical setting
Date made available2021
PublisherUniversity of Sussex

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