Dataset for Integrated terahertz generator-manipulators using epsilon-near-zero-hybrid nonlinear metasurfaces

  • Yongchang Lu (Creator)
  • Xi Feng (Creator)
  • Qingwei Wang (Creator)
  • Xueqian Zhang (Creator)
  • Ming Fang (Creator)
  • Wei E.I. Sha (Creator)
  • Zhixiang Huang (Creator)
  • Quan Xu (Creator)
  • Li Niu (Creator)
  • Xieyu Chen (Creator)
  • Chunmei Ouyang (Creator)
  • Yuanmu Yang (Creator)
  • Xixiang Zhang (Creator)
  • Eric Plum (Creator)
  • Shuang Zhang (Creator)
  • Jiaguang Han (Creator)
  • Weili Zhang (Creator)



This research dataset should be interpreted and understood in the context of the corresponding manuscript, which has been published in Nano Letters with DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.1c02372. All relevant information regarding the dataset, how it was obtained and its context is contained in the manuscript. The data correspond to the data shown in the figures of the manuscript.
Date made available2021
PublisherUniversity of Southampton

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