Data for: Seabird-derived nutrients supply modulates the trophic strategies of mixotrophic corals

  • Martin Thibault (Creator)
  • Fanny Houlbreque (Creator)
  • Nicolas N. Duprey (Creator)
  • Noémie Choisnard (Creator)
  • David Gillikin (Creator)
  • Valentine Meunier (Creator)
  • Francesca Benzoni (Creator)
  • Andréas Ravache (Creator)
  • Anne Lorrain (Creator)
  • Martin Thibault (Contributor)



This data frame presents seawater NOx (nitrate C nitrite) concentrations in seawater, as well as carbon and nitrogen isotope values of seabird guano, Particulate Organic Matter (POM), macroalgae (Halimeda spp.) and coral (Pocillopora damicornis) tissues and symbionts. These values come from samples collected along two coast-ocean transects on the reef flats of Surprise and Huon islands in the D'entrecasteaux Reefs. Samples were collected in March and September 2017 during the POSTBLANCO and TARA ENTRECASTEAUX cruises. Stations were sampled 25, 50, 100, and 400m off the two islets as well as 50m off the crest of a reference reef, located 10km away within the same atoll. Analytical methods are presented in the corresponding paper. The dataset is made of 329 rows corresponding to samples, and 10 columns presenting an ID, the sampling month, site and station, the position within the transect, the sample type, genera, and either the NOx or the d13C and d15N values.
Date made available2021

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