Data for: Iceland Kinematics from InSAR



These datasets are associated with the paper "Iceland Kinematics from InSAR" submitted to JGR-solid earth by Cao et al., 2022. Totally 7 types of datasets (~ 40 GB) are included: 1) time-series of displacements from six tracks of Sentinel-1 InSAR with ICAMS correction during 2015 to 2021; 2) Nationwide InSAR-derived East and vertical velocity maps; 3) Nationwide InSAR-based GIA and plate-spreading models; 4) 2) InSAR LOS velocity maps that estimated using NVCE-based weighted least-squares; 5) InSAR temporal coherence maps used for evaluating quality of InSAR-derived time-series solutions (e.g., displacements and velocity); 6) InSAR incidence angles; 7) GPS-based velocity measurements (LOS, East, and Up). Spatial resolution of the InSAR results are about 100 m by 100 m.
Date made availableDec 13 2022

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