Chromosome-scale assembly of the wild wheat relative Aegilops umbellulata

  • Michael Abrouk (Creator)
  • Yajun Wang (Creator)
  • Emile Cavalet-Giorsa (Creator)
  • Maxim Troukhan (Creator)
  • Maksym Kravchuk (Creator)
  • Simon Krattinger (Creator)



Wild wheat relatives have been explored in plant breeding to increase the genetic diversity of bread wheat, one of the most important food crops. Aegilops umbellulata is a diploid U genome-containing grass species that serves as a genetic reservoir for wheat improvement. In this study, we report the construction of a chromosome-scale reference assembly of Ae. umbellulata accession TA1851 based on corrected PacBio HiFi reads and chromosome conformation capture. The total assembly size was 4.25 Gb with a contig N50 of 17.7 Mb. In total, 36,268 gene models were predicted. We benchmarked the performance of hifiasm and LJA, two of the most widely used assemblers using standard and corrected HiFi reads, revealing a positive effect of corrected input reads. Comparative genome analysis confirmed substantial chromosome rearrangements in Ae. umbellulata compared to bread wheat. In summary, the Ae. umbellulata assembly provides a resource for comparative genomics in Triticeae and for the discovery of agriculturally important genes.
Date made availableAug 24 2023

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