MSE 302 Electronic Properties of Materials



This course offers an overview of the electronic, optical, magnetic and thermal properties of materials, not limited to solid state. It covers the fundamental concepts of band structure and bonding of materials, electrical and thermal conduction in metals, semiconductors and dielectric. The interaction between light and matter will be addressed and important concepts such as excitons will be introduced. Finally magnetism will be introduced. The objective of this course is to present the fundamental concepts of structural, electrical and optical properties needed to understand the behavior of the materials. The course includes a brief description of crustal structure of solids, and the basics of x-ray diffraction theory; free electron theory in metal and band theory will be addressed. A brief review of thermal and lattice vibration properties will be presented. A brief introduction on key electronic devices based on homo p-n junctions and hetero-junctions. A Brief description of dielectric materials.
Course period09/3/11 → …
Course level300