ErSE 390B Sediment Properties and Behavior



Description: (1) Fundamental concepts (Geological history. Governing laws. Biological considerations. Water. Sediment formation and diagenesis). (2) Particulate media (Interparticle forces and effective stress. Fabric. Classification). (3) GeoMechanics (Effective stress. Numerical micromechanics. Strain regimes. Deformation and failure. Biot, Terzaghi, Skempton. Repetitive loading). (4) Coupled Bio-Thermo-Hydro-Chemo-Mechanical Processes (Mixed fluids. Conduction phenomena. Diffusion Phenomena. Thermal properties. Couplings). (5) Localizations, scales and spatial variability. (6) Implications in energy geo-engineering, infrastructure and environmental solutions.
Course period01/22/17 → …
Course level300