ErSE 290A Reservoir Engr. Fundamentals&Application



This course addresses key fundamentals of reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation. Realistic hydrocarbon field cases will be considered. Students will get exposed to industry adopted workflows in reservoir modeling and management and will get familiarized with a commercial reservoir simulator. The course includes the following topics: 1) Basic concepts: hydrocarbon PVT/thermodynamics, material balance, uncertainty analysis, drive mechanisms, vertical equilibrium, capillarity and J-functions; 2)Primary depletion: recovery mechanism, performance evaluation; 3)Secondary depletion: displacement efficiency, Buckley-Leverett theory, mobility ratio, sweep efficiency, well placement, water flood evaluation, tracer concept; 4) Reservoir simulation: governing equations, linear/nonlinear solvers, IMPES/FI/AIM formulations, well model/control, numerical error, history-match concept, prediction uncertainties; S)Enhanced oil recovery (EOR): hydrocarbon trapping mechanisms, concepts of miscible/immiscible gas flood, chemical EOR, thermal EOR, EOR screening; 6)Field management: workflow, economics, decision analysis.
Course period08/20/17 → …
Course level200