EnSE 203 Fundamentals of Env Microbiology



Fundamentals of microbiology for the environment, physiology, microbial metabolism, basics of genetics, microbial growth processes, introduction to molecular biology. Illustrations from microbiology and pollutants, microbiology and disease, microbiology of bioremediation, wastewate treatment, microbial fuel cells. This course is designed to provide introductory concepts on fundamentals of environmental microbiology to students from different engineering and science disciplines. Concepts related to the different molecular biology tools used in microbial ecology with also be introduced. The course will equip students with knowledge to apply these tools to unravel scientific questions relevant to natural and engineered biological processes. EnSE 203 was previously entitled "Environmental Microbiology" during Falls of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Course period09/1/09 → …
Course level200