CBE 330 Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules



Physical chemistry of macromolecules, including the theory for the experimental methods used for the study of macromolecular solutions. Conformation and configuration; Solution Thermodynamics; Phase separation (theory and experimental aspects), polymer fractionation; Mechanisms and kinetics of phase separation; Miscibility of polymer blends and compatibilization; Microphase separation and self-assembly; Rheology of polymer solutions; Viscosity of diluted and concentrated solutions, polymer gels; Rheology of polymer melts and composites, relevance for polymer processing; Amorphous state, glass-rubber transition, plasticizers; Elasticity and Viscoelasticity; Thermal analysis, dynamic mechanical analysis; Crystalline state, liquid- crystalline state; Mechanical properties.
Course period02/4/12 → …
Course level300