CBE 326 Biocatalysis



Application of Biocatalysis has a long tradition. Starting out from basic food-processing fermentations e.g. related to bread baking or cheese making, today the result emerging from this discipline influence all areas of modern daily life. Developments in Pharmacy, medicine, nutrition, analytics, environmental technology, fine chemical synthesis and others are based on the progress in Biocatalysis research. Enzymes as nature’s catalysts set the benchmarks for artificial systems in terms of activity and selectivity. Correspondingly, Biocatalysis has evolved into one of the pillars of biotechnology and chemical industry. This course aims to provide an understanding of fundamental aspects of biocatalysis, while the general focus is set on current applications of biocatalytic systems. It targets Students enrolled in chemical sciences, chemical engineering and biological engineering.
Course period08/28/10 → …
Course level300